Yellow Sisters are a female a cappella quartet, that floats with lightness and elegance across music styles of funk, R & B, world music, jazz and reggae. The Sisters are sound illusionists. They experiment with melody and rhythm and seek new ways to work with voices. Their purely self-composed repertoire makes them the most original Czech acappella group. Since 2015 they have also featured beatboxer Jan Melichar as a special guest

Yellow Sisters have performed their own repertoire since 2005. The year following their formation they won the "Colours of Talent" competition and soon after released their debut album Singalana. During their 10 year career Yellow Sisters have performed throughout Europe, singing in 11 countries, toured Spain and sang for two Czech presidents. They were presented to a wider audience when they performed on live television at the TýTý Awards ceremony in 2006. More television exposure came when English actor, comedian and Monty Python alumni Michael Palin chose to include Yellow Sisters in the Czech Republic segment of his highly acclaimed BBC travelogue program New Europe. In subsequent years, Yellow Sisters have been the opening act for world famous Blind Boys of Alabama, and gave a private performance respectfully for international star Bobby McFerrin at the Congress Centre in Prague. They have also guested on a compilation of remixes on the soundtrack of the acclaimed Miyazaki Hayao film Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Yellow Sisters also represented The Czech Republic at the inauguration ceremony in Brussels when the Czech Republic received the Presidency of the European Union. They also accepted an invitation to London, England where they created a special one-hour program for BBC radio. Their second album Tubab Woman (2010) took seventh place in the world music category of Spin The Globe's Top Ten alongside Salif Keita and Gotan Project. In 2015 they performed at the prestigious A Cappella Festival in London, in Rorschach, Switzerland and also at the European Cultural Festival in Algiers, where they represented The Czech Republic. The same year Yellow Sisters entered an international competition of vocal bands in Graz - Austria and were awarded a "Golden Diploma”.


In the summer of 2006 YS took part in the international project Senegal Meets Prague which premiered at The Ponec Theatre. This project was inspired by African traditional culture and was realized with the help of Siré and Kaolack, two renowned African dancers and choreographers. Also in the year of 2006 YS were finalists and eventual winners of the Colours of Talent competition held by Indies Records and the Colours of Ostrava festival. This win afforded them the opportunity to record and release their debut album. Singalana was released in December 2006 and in the spring of 2007, Yellow Sisters toured throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Sweden. Singalana was performed in its entirety in March, 2007 at Prague’s Retro Music Hall and included more than 20 guest musicians, drummers and dancers. This concert was also recorded and released on DVD.

In 2008 Yellow Sisters devoted their time and energies to a number of projects. ‘Shards of Life’ was a dance and theatre performance choreographed by Aya Rezaninova for which Yellow Sisters composed and performed the music. It premiered at the Ponec Theatre. They also had a week long residency at Berlin’s BKA Theatre in the summer and later performed at the Czech Embassy in Vienna on the 50th Anniversary of the 1968 Russian invasion and occupation Czechoslovakia. In November they successfully toured throughout Spain. Towards the end of 2008 Yellow Sisters performed for Bobby McFerrin and were the opening act for The Blind Boys Of Alabama.

In January 2009 Yellow Sisters were chosen to open the prestigious Czech Ball in Brussels on the occasion of the Czech EU presidency. They performed there in collaboration with well known choreographer Monika Rebcová and eight soloists from HAMU (Prague Dance and Music Academy). For this special performance YS were dressed in costumes designed by Liběna Rochová, one of the top Czech fashion designers. YS have also performed with Magic Band, an international group of musicians. They also opened themselves to experimentation by hosting concerts of improvisational singing, re-creating their own songs and using spur of the moment inspiration to make up new songs which included audience participation.
In June 2010 Yellow Sisters released their second album Tubab Woman which included many guests. Eclectic in style, it drew upon the many musical influences which have shaped their increasingly unique brand of music. They also completed their first music video for the title song Tubab Woman. The album reached 7th place on Spin the Globe's Top 10 World Music Albums alongside Gotan Project and Salif Keita. This album was enriched not only vocally but also instrumentally by many guests including Tonya Graves, Ondřej Ruml, Markéta Foukalová, Jachu Reyes, Ondřej Smeykal, En.Dru, Helen Rock Violin, Adam Koller, Michal Nejtek, Petr Wajsar and many others.

In 2011 Yellow Sisters started to cooperate with singer, mult-iinstrumentalist and composer Petr Wajsar, with whom they performed on Balcony TV. In June of the same year they took part in ‘Music Against Blindness’ (Civic Association Light For The World) with blind singer Solo Dja Kabako from Burkina Faso and with Varhan Orchestrovic Bauer. They also began to perform with legendary actor Jaroslav Dusek (godfather of their second album) as part of his theatre improv project “Vizita Theater”. In addition to all this, they continues to connect spiritually and artistically during the summer and winter solstices.

June 2012 saw the release of their third album Zvěřinec (Menagerie), dedicated to both children and their families. The sisters recruited members of their own family members for this recording. Their children are featured on several songs and they took part in the creation of the CD cover. Not even fathers were neglected and they contributed both vocally and instrumentally. The result was a colourful album of songs, lullabies and rhymes in which every family member finds something to enjoy.

2013 saw the release of a double album: Yellow Sisters 2013 REMIXED. Many YS songs found new life at the hands of many local, talented musicians and producers: Maarten Helsloot, al-esh, Grove, Roman Holý, Petr Wajsar, Konstantin Ruchadze, Jan Vrba, Hallucigen, Vlad Ličko, tomato22, Jakub Johánek, Fullharmoniq, Vojtěch Dědina, Mishan, Gubarev and Mr. Ultrafino. In December 2013 Yellow Sisters recorded their first live album at Cinema Club Černošice. The concert also features very special guest Petr Wajsar. This recording was released in June 2014 with a concert at Vyšehrad Castle.

In 2015 they performed at the prestigious A Cappella Festival in London, in Rorschach - Switzerland and also at the European Cultural Festival in Algiers, where they represented The Czech Republic. The same year Yellow Sisters celebrated their 10th anniversary with a World cabaret show and entered an international competition of vocal bands in Graz, Austria where they were awarded a "Golden Diploma”.

Yellow Sisters offer a colourful 60-80 minute long program original songs from multiple genres as well as improvisations and also perform for children drawing from their Zvěřinec repertoire.
Yellow Sisters are:
Antonia Nyass
Bara Vaculikova
Léňa Yellow
Lucie Hawa Goldin

Antonia and Hawa met in a group called Éterity, where they discovered a mutual love of vocal and rhythmic experimentation. Both have strong connections with Africa which is reflected in their work, particularly in the way they use rhythm and in the depth and emotion of their lyrics and vocals.
Léňa and Bara have worked together since 2000 as a vocal duet taking part in many projects. They founded Yellow Sisters as an a cappella trio during their street busking travels through Europe. After several ‘music missions’ in Berlin, Madrid and Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, they hit their stride in 2005 during a visit to The Gambia collaborating with local musicians to create the Czech-Gambian Connection. Upon their return to The Czech Republic  they hooked up with Antonia and Hawa and entered a new dimension.

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Léňa klobouk Úterky 16:00-16:45 a 16:45-17:30
(předškolní a školní děti)
Dětský klub Sedmikvítek, Dukelských hrdinů 54, P7
+420 608 243 311

HLASOHRÁTKY a sbor Hravé hlasy s Hawou

Hawa klobouk
Hlasohrátky: úterky 17:30-19h
Sbor Hravé hlasy: úterky od 19h
MŠ Indigo kids, Šulcova 1, P2, Vyšehrad
+420 777 289 969


Antonie klobouk
Hlasová improvizace: čtvrtky 18-19:45h
Sbor Vlny země: čtvrtky 19:45h
experimentální world music, slovanské vlivy
Prostor Malaika, Tyršova 1, P2
+420 602 612 980