LuHawa Goldin

Dancer, choreographer and singer HawaLu is enchanted by different cultures. She has travelled and studied in Central and Northern America and has also visited the Gambia in Africa. She studied FF UK in Prague and for 7 years she worked in various fields of art therapy. In 2002 she and her husband Ephraim Goldin founded a group TiDiTaDe, which plays and dances to West African rhythms. HawaLu also teaches African dance. She started to experiment with her voice in a female a cappella called Eterity. The remaining two of the 13 original members, HawaLu and Antonia connected with Lena and Bara in 2005. Yellow Sisters was borne of their mutual love for nature, Africa and the wild female spirit. HawaLu has three sons named Samba, Avishai and Lesian who are an eternal inspiration to her.

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Léňa klobouk Úterky 16:00-16:45 a 16:45-17:30
(předškolní a školní děti)
Dětský klub Sedmikvítek, Dukelských hrdinů 54, P7
+420 608 243 311

HLASOHRÁTKY a sbor Hravé hlasy s Hawou

Hawa klobouk
Hlasohrátky: úterky 17:30-19h
Sbor Hravé hlasy: úterky od 19h
MŠ Indigo kids, Šulcova 1, P2, Vyšehrad
+420 777 289 969


Antonie klobouk
Hlasová improvizace: čtvrtky 18-19:45h
Sbor Vlny země: čtvrtky 19:45h
experimentální world music, slovanské vlivy
Prostor Malaika, Tyršova 1, P2
+420 602 612 980